From Soup to Nuts

DSCN3391A few days ago, my Mother’s obituary was published. It is good, but she was so much more. She wanted to be a career woman, when that was unusual. And she was smart, could sing, and played the piano and a little trombone. No nonsense in her way, she told it like she saw it. “You’re doing it wrong.” Her advice to me as I set out for my first job in engineering was, “Don’t let them know you can type. “Her knowledge of plants was encyclopedic. And fauna, dead fauna, could be mounted with a pin. Small, dead fauna, like butterflies. I do recall she was not too enthused when I brought a deer skull home.Further she demonstrated showing up for what you thought was important. She volunteered for many years at Planned Parenthood. One of my more recent memories with Mom was sitting at the table for breakfast, while she looked through the New York Times. “That damn Trump is an idiot. I fear for our country. “And there is still so much more. I miss her. Here’s to the last 62 Mother’s Days. M is for the million things you gave to me! Just kidding Mom.And for that relationship just beginning, Happy first Mother’s Day Becca! You’re rocking it.

And now for the NUT.So, have you received your stimulus check? We had done our taxes with direct deposit, so we would avoid getting a check with you know whose signature. Small favors.But no. We got a letter from the IRS. Telling us we had a check deposited. Thank ME very much.This provided us the opportunity to compare the NUT’s signature to ballplayer autographs.We have a few around the house. Carl sends birthday cards to ballplayers, mostly well past the end of their careers. Many reply, some even call, and have established a relationship. One even called to see how Carl was doing during this pandemic. Back to the signatures. The modern day player’s autograph is frequently a swipe with a pen. It could be anybody. The retired Harmon Killebrew would ask rookies to sign their autographs during spring training, and if it was illegible, he would ask them to work on it so in 5 years the recipient would be able to tell who they were, and better remember the moment.Now, an autograph is really different than a signature. But not really for the total self promoter trump. Here, have my autograph, I AM IMPOTENT IMPORTANT.

One Response to “From Soup to Nuts”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Your mom sounds like an impressive and intelligent woman. I agree with her on Trump.

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