Busy Day in the Neighborhood

In many ways this was a duplicate of so many other days working from home. In other ways it was a lot more interesting.

It was garbage day, and yard waste and recycle, but that comes around every week. This week, however, the first garbage truck wasn’t taking garbage away, it was delivering new garbage cans. The man took out the new can, moved the garbage from our old can into the new can, and put the old can into his truck. As the day wore on, the respective trucks made the rounds picking up their loads.

The real excitement was the replacement of the power pole in front of our neighbor’s house. The work started around 7:30, and was done a bit after 10:00.

Starting the vactor truck work to dig the hole for the new pole. They use high pressure water to disturb the dirt, and vacuum it out of the hole.

Getting ready to start work, the vacuum pipe is getting in place

Spray from the water wand, with the grey vacuum pulling dirt from the hole.

Lining up the new pole over the hole

Lowering the new pole

Filling the annular space with gravel

New pole in the ground

This project gave me an opportunity to show Carl the modern way to dig a hole. Through the entire process we never lost power, even though they lowered the service lines to the ground while changing from the old to new pole.

On the Covid front, the contractors were not wearing masks, or staying 6-feet away from each other. The City person that stopped by, did wear an N-95 mask. And the kids from across the street camped out on our sidewalk to watch from a safe distance.

Today’s noontime walk was to Whole Foods for milk and nuts. I did the store run, and sanitized as I left.

Tonight’s movie was The Professor and the Madman. We both enjoyed the movie. I know I got the book for someone, but I don’t think I had ever read it.

One Response to “Busy Day in the Neighborhood”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I wonder if they want newly sanitized garbage cans to replace our dirty ones. There is still road work going on around me (widening of Canyon Road) and no one is masked, nor keeping a safe distance.

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