Flower Power

Sometime last fall I decided to refresh our front walk garden. I am happy that we did, just because there is more to look at, since we keep walking out and back by the same patch. The tulips in front are almost certainly new, along with some of the daffodils.

We passed these mini tulips down the block.

The flowers from work friends continue to flourish. I haven’t killed them off yet.

Today’s walk was quite a bit shorter, walking around the freeway. That is, we headed south, crossed over I-5, headed north, and crossed under I-5, then south home again. About 2 miles, not a bad walk. And it provided our tree of the day.

Carl pointed out that it was just a month ago we were still in Nashville, watching the Washington Covid situation start to grow. In many ways it feels like it has been several months, it is so different for all of us.

One Response to “Flower Power”

  1. margiegf Says:

    My tulips are starting to bloom too. I have been back from Ohio/New York for only three weeks, and since then, the whole situation has exploded. New York had one cluster, it was mostly unheard of in Ohio, and we had essentially the nursing home cases, and a few others. It’s been so quick.

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