The Trudge

Our afternoon walk was to the Maple Leaf Reservoir lid. The lid is at the second highest point in Seattle. That’s why it’s a water reservoir location-all about gravity service. The destination also means it’s uphill all the way, until you head home. A trudge today. The entire route was around 4 miles, including one lap around the 1/2 mile lid. The lid path is long enough to allow for good social distancing with the others on the path.

Nice branching

I have started wearing a mask in stores last week. Thank you for the supply Pooh. Today we wore them on the walk. My vision was compromised by fog at times, but on the positive side, I was warmer when we started walking.

Doing our part, and we stimulated the economy by stopping in the grocery store on the walk home for treats. Carl did not go into the store. We limited our exposure, and I sanitized my hands when I exited.

One Response to “The Trudge”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are pretty masks! Mine is an old surgical mask I found in my carry on–probably from Korea 5 years ago. Better than nothing. There are many more people out for walks so distancing can be tricky. It’s a good/bad thing that we’re spending more time outdoors and exercising. (I always have, but most of the people I see are new to me!)

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