Tough Day at Work

In reality, the day was OK. But at the end of the work part, I was spent. The day included working on several different topics, including customers that didn’t quite understand the requirements for new water service, others needing documentation, policy discussions with my boss, the normal Covid check-in, and reviewing and responding to others work. Just drained.

So we took advantage of the relatively nice weather, and set out on a walk. We didn’t stray too far, 9 blocks east and about 10 blocks north-south, cruising up and down the streets. About 7,000 steps worth.

Tiny tulips

We included about 6 blocks of student housing that we don’t normally traverse. There were a few small groups playing some game involving a table, rock or ball, and, we assumed, beer. It was entirely possible these were living groups, and the area was much quieter than would be normal for a sunny Friday.

The tree of the day invites you to find faces and shapes.

A really interesting surface

This gathering of beings, however, was our favorite by far.

The gathering, click to zoom in

The detail is quite remarkable

In other news we put in our order for next week’s groceries. For this week we may have to venture into a store for more carrots.

One Response to “Tough Day at Work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the faces on that tree! I’m trying out delivery again, although I suspect I won’t get much of what I ordered. That’s the frustrating part. (never any issue with fruits and veggies, but always problems with dairy)

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