Not quite the impact of turning over with the analogue odometers, and not an even 6 digit point, but after 200,000 I think we can celebrate the smaller victories.

This was the reading as I parked at work this morning.

Work is also speeding forward with new technology and “smart” systems. Last year we completed addition of 18,000+ smart water meters, and customers can now look at their water usage in hourly increments. How long was that shower? Yesterday we started the upgrade of our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and today the new telephone system goes live. This means everyone is learning new nuances at light speed.

In the end it will be better!

I do remember when I was so proud that I could do a few tasks in dos. Anyone remember, File, transfer, open in Word early versions.

And on a personal learning curve, I figured out a new thing in Access (database software) that should ve helpful to me. I tend to use my databases over periods of years, so it wasn’t until I set about revamping a process I have used since 2005 that I discovered some new functionality in the 2016 version of the software.

Okay. Enough of this, but it is all on my mind this morning. And now to get trained on how to successfully answer the telephone.

One Response to “Milestone”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Wow-200,000 miles!! And still runs well? I’m so far behind on the tech after having retired that I’m concerned about subbing tomorrow in my old school. Will I even be able to turn on the document camera? 🙂

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