The 49ers

We were invited to a 49ers party last night. Nothing to do with football, although baseball was discussed here and there. It was, instead, to fete 3 folks that recently turned 70. The 49ers. Holding the party in 2019 just didn’t work out, so 70 plus a bit.

The party was held in a sweet common room of the age-restricted apartment where one of the honorees lives. They provided a main dish, and others brought sides (especially beer and wine).

One of the sides was especially inviting, a charcuterie. A platter with crackers, cheeses, salamis, olives, and other assorted foods. It reminded me of smakerel lunches my parents would make. Always a favorite, but with a fancier or at least, harder to spell name. Since our family was rather fond of the Winnie the Pooh books, I am thinking our term is from that source.

Nearly eleven o’clock,” said Pooh happily. “You’re just in time for a little smackerel of something.”

I guess we don’t party late that much. We did stay up past our bedtime, but didn’t drink too much. This morning I feel like doing a lot of nothing while I gather myself. It appeared it might be nice enough for a walk. The moments of sun are still somewhat limited, and I don’t feel like working to stay warm.

Plus, there is a project that needs attention. It is in the figuring out how to make it work before completely diving in. Currently on the second trial. Must get the how down! There is a potential requirement for additional tools.

One Response to “The 49ers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Charcuterie is a fancy name for a cheese and meat plate, with a few extras added. 🙂

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