Weekend Fun

The snow has abated, and the rains have returned. It did hit 50 degrees both weekend days, but the lower portion of the snowman remains.Spring is springing. Note the daffodils testing the air.We spent some time watching a Eugene friend play soccer in a local tournament. This is a tournament where college coaches can check out talent from a wide area. Our friend’s team won their first two games.

This is an action shot. I highlighted the ball since my phone does not possess action shot capabilities

There is one more game tonight, against the top ranked team in their division, but we are going to skip this one for the warmth of our living room. If they win tonight, or did well enough in the first two games, they will play on Monday. I will be working, and not have the opportunity to attend. We did make use of the Saturday game for a halftime stroll. Not every trail has signs like this!Thanks to Pooh for the M Peach Mint hat.

The “M” is on the top tier.

And the latest Corwin pic.

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