Snow Day 5

Yesterday afternoon it was blowing and snowing at work. A bit in Seattle as well, with a brief accumulation of slush on the front steps when I arrived home.

This morning, not so much.

I think my shoe choice for work will be shoes, instead of boots, for the first time this week.

Rising temperatures mean that in town precipitation is more likely to be rain. I don’t think we will declare victory until we see the 50s.

2 Responses to “Snow Day 5”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We got very little in Puyallup/Tacoma. I’m sure the schoolkids were sad not to miss school. They did get one 2 hour delay!

  2. jane Says:

    We got about 8″ last night/this morning. But it got above freezing during the day so lots of slush now. Down to 17 tonight (feels like 1), so really excited to go outside tomorrow morning and drive on icy roads! not.

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