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November 11, 2019

A sort of amusing start to the day.

I am working today, and so is Carl (schools are off). As I approached the freeway I glanced at the speedometer and realized I was going over 70! Many thoughts simultaneously: Slow down, traffic is lighter than usual, everyone is driving fast, merge safely. This was followed quickly by the realization that the speedometer was in km/hr, not mph! At that moment brief panic. Very brief, because I know that 60 mph is about 100 km/hr, and I can work off of that fact (thank you driving a fair amount in Canada). And just drive with the rest of the traffic, follow their lead. And as the sky brightened, I was finally able to see where the button was to change back to mph.

A brief, and in the end, amusing interlude.


November 11, 2019

Seattle Sounders are the 2019 MLS champions. Almost 70,000 fans were in the stadium.And more were downtown. We has our own veiwing party at home.It was fun, nail-biting at times, and satisfying in the end.And for the picture of my day, Rey and Corwin