We went to Costco on Sunday.


Don’t go to Costco on the first weekend after everyone was sequestered at home by the Snowmageddon for the past 2 weekends. It was a learning experience and an exercise in patience. Even the parking lot was crowded.

We did get our groceries and escape. I recovered at home by working on taxes with the boy. Relaxing.

Before Costco we walked the waterfront. Unlike the Costco experience, we made better decisions. 1) Parking was free, 2) No construction work on Sunday meant quiet time, 3) cloudy and some rain meant few other people walking.

Our goal was to see the start of the Viaduct demolition. We missed the last Viaduct walk while in Nashville, so this was the next best opportunity to pay our respects.

The logo for the company of destruction is the ecology flag symbol from the 70s.

The snow is slowly disappearing from our yard. And signs of spring are emerging.

One Response to “Crunch”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Here I am, thinking that I don’t go to Costco enough to make my membership worthwhile. But I do hate the crowds, and the lines! I enjoyed the Viaduct and Tunnel walk, although I wasn’t expecting to!

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