Morning to Evening

First and foremost, happy birthday to Jane!

Preparing for the week of Carl care.

It snowed/sleeted Monday night.

Exciting news of the day! They are planning to pick up our garbage! After 2 missed weeks. They were not there by noon.

It is now Wednesday evening and we are going home from work. Tomorrow I will be driving myself in with the Prius. If it is like today, no problem. If it starts to snow I will head home. Carl graciously filled the tank today so I won’t worry about getting into any big backups.

On our way home we drove through the new highway 99 tunnel. Pretty spiffy.

Last night we went out to Rock of Ages at the 5th Avenue Theater. I thoroughly enjoyed the brief escape into music.

The crowd was thinner than usual due to so many people being stuck wherever. It was noted before and during the show. Snowmageddon, snowpaccolypse, and snow sh*t. Great singing and rocking out, a must for this show. The young male lead is the lead singer for Pickwick, an up and coming Seattle band. The old bar owner was played by the singer from Jefferson Starship.

And, continuing back in time, my last pre-shovel picture from Tuesday morning

And from work

On to dryer days. Or is it drier days?

2 Responses to “Morning to Evening”

  1. jane Says:

    that’s the best picture of me that you have? ugh!

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