A customer came in at lunchtime today and showed us their appreciation for our staff’s efforts during the recent snow events.

I will admit to partaking in this bounty. And then not finishing my much healthier lunch. Headed home for dinner now.

There is rumor of more snow tomorrow, but I am hoping that is just for the higher elevations.

So my big project is all but done (as the draft version). I had forgotten about the amount of work associated with getting it out for review. Luckily I have examples from the last go around 8 years ago.

The remains of Snowmageddon on a rainy evening

2 Responses to “Appreciation”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That was thoughtful! Not being a doughnut fan, I probably could have resisted. If they had been croissants or bagels, all bets would be off! I’m done with snow and hoping for signs of spring. Will be jetting off for Austin in about a week, so I’ll get some sun and warmish weather there at least. 🙂

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