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It Just Continues

February 11, 2019

I worked from home today.

Carl did too. Mostly with a shovel in his hand. There are 4 or 5 shovels on the block, being shared.

It’s snowing right now. 7:30 PM. They keep saying it will turn to rain. I’m not sure.

Latest back deck photos.

The measuring chair

Sheltered Stairs

Comparisons through the day

Snow was cleared for a bit. Starting in again here

After more shoveling. Note the new ball to the right of the walk.

After even more shoveling the ball has extended to the snowman, sort of a snow Caterpillar now.

Kids playing on the local luge run

A ladder view of the little boxes we call home

And my favorite for all of us that worked from home today.

The 3 north Seattle workers are conspiring a carpool in tomorrow. Dependent on overnight weather and morning road conditions. I will not be driving. The Prius is not a good car when ground clearance is helpful. I did dig it out today, before the 2 latest rounds of snow. Another of us, “does not drive in snow.” (He’s from Hawaii). The third has a 4 wheel drive Toyota 4-runner. That he bought on Saturday! (It’s replacing a 2004 model, so he is not new to 4 wheeling.) But still, would you want to take a brand new vehicle out in dicey conditions?