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Snow Scenes

February 10, 2019

Some pictures, mostly from Saturday

Shoveling as exercise. Not too dense. There are a handful of shovels on the block. Ours has been borrowed several times, and others are shoveling multiple lots. It is pretty clear from one end to the other of the block.

Comparison from Friday night to Saturday morning

Friday night snowman

Saturday morning version

Good time for neighbors to play together. This is the sphinx, caterpillar, or mountain depending on the moment

3 of the 6 kids playing. Reminded me of when our kids were young and the daycare was 5 kids strong.

On the serious side, our DirecTV satellite does not work in heavy rain and snow.

But … soccer must be watched. So we hauled the ladder out and I cleaned everything, except some small icy bits.

A walk is in our near future. Maybe before the next flurries arrive.