Wet Weary Weekend

This is Seattle.

See the Space Needle. That’s how you can tell.

Or the low hanging grey skies.

Tis the season for SAD lights and rain coats. Starting tomorrow we will be leaving work in the dark. For the next several months. Still more than a month away from the shortest day of the year, the need for headlights has been in effect for some time. Sunset tonight is at 5:48 PM. Tomorrow it will be at 4:47 PM.

I have been enjoying the colorful cranes. My favorite last week had purple, green and yellow sections. Blue is the most popular color. And many of the buildings with colorful lighting are going all blue this weekend in honor of Paul Allen. He’s had a huge impact on this area, and blue (Seahawk Blue) was his favorite color.

Speaking of colorful, Carl put together this colorful lunch.

I had in mind to take a walk, even in the rain. After a trip to play Costco bumper carts I am nice and snug, and not sure I want to venture out again.

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