Mr Rainbow

Carl was the main man yesterday. He did some decorating on the front porch.

The pumpkin barely made it through the evening without collapsing into itself.

Then he decorated himself.

Mr. Rainbow, including his superhero cape, “rainbow power, infused with tylenol. ”

When picking up Dean from preschool, Carl explained the genesis of the cape to another parent/caregiver, and Pooh’s handiness with a needle. At first they were a bit horrified, but then saw the humor.

Mr. Rainbow is also his attempt to share my last name, or at least get close. Rainbow, rain stripe, something with rain. And thankfully the rain held off until after the neighborhood kids made their rounds.

There were the normal few shy kids, those that fully understood the concept of candy, and at least one who was totally engaged with our 25+ year old ghost who howls when you clap your hands, or close the door hard, or drive a big truck down the street.

And the leftover snickers and reese’s peanut butter cups will be heading to the work candy bowl.

2 Responses to “Mr Rainbow”

  1. margiegf Says:

    It looks like Carl had lots of fun with it! I wore my Star Trek shirt and was told by one trick or treater that she preferred Star Wars. Well, OK. I was disappointed in the number of kids who came and have too many left over Kit Kats, which I love. Ack.

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