Despite the less than ideal conditions and looming darkness, we set out on a walk. Organic chicken deal at PCC and a hankering for delicatta squash set the far point for a there and back jaunt.

Carl paid for and I carried our groceries on the trek home. We spotted our neighbor dining out at a second floor restaurant. (We actually spotted her dog first, tethered outside the door.)

The Sunlight Cafe has moved a block west, leaving this picture. Reminiscent of a certain painting.

As we neared home Carl suggested some pesto naan would go well with the chicken. So he headed home to cook while I stopped into Taste of India to get the naan. Busy, busy establishment. And there, at a table next to the cash register were our across the street neighbors! Good thing too, as Carl had all the money. I was able to borrow a ten spot.

These dealings confused the maitre d. Was I eating in or carrying out? Did they need another chair? I was saved some embarrassment, got a complimentary Chai tea as I waited, and they got paid back by Carl, just after our order was up. (I texted him the dilemma. )

I do enjoy our current set of neighbors!

This morning was relatively dry, and a bit sunny, so we set out on an early walk. Up to Maple Leaf

and stopped by Safeway on our way home. Lettuce and fruit to haul for the last mile.

And ran into yet another set of neighbors walking their dog Milo. This reminded me of The Phantom Tollbooth, a favorite book when I was younger. But I think Milo was the boy, and the dog was Tock.

Finally home after ~4 miles, I used the last of my morning energy to pull all of the hoses under the house, and pick the last of the tomatoes. They are not ripe, we’ll have to see how the second crop turns out. Oh, and a zucchini that was hiding. I’m not sure whether it is edible.

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