Doctors – Part 1

I got to go to the doctor for myself. First time in a while, and just for a routine checkup.

I have been a bit nervous about today’s visit, and I am not sure why I should feel that way. New doctor for me, as my previous one has moved out of patient care. New office too. Same building, but I would have remembered this room. Check out the view. (Space Needle).

So far nothing major has come up. But they do want to run some standard lab tests, so I am not out of the woods yet. I think I will wait until tomorrow to get poked, during Doctors-Part 2.

So in short, I got to leave work early today, and get to put off working tomorrow until the afternoon. Downside is that the first part of Doctors-Part 2 starts at 8 am. There will be no sleeping in.

One Response to “Doctors – Part 1”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I didn’t mind going to the doctor when I was younger, but now I’m always a bit nervous. We don’t seem to get any healthier as we age. It’s not usually good news. Best of luck on your tests!

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