Doctors-Part 2

As promised.

The book of everything from this year’s medical adventure. Cleverly disguised as a driving log.

All rooms so far are interior, no views. In the first room they even turned out most of the lights so the technician could see the echocardiogram screen better. This made it a bit more difficult for me to read some work I had brought along, but not impossible.

On to round two, checking the pacer. All systems are go. 98% use on the bottom, but only 17% on top.

During round 1 I slipped out to get poked as requested by Doctors Part 1. Very little waiting (number 1 in line) and they sucked out 7 vials worth.

Between round 2 and 3 I tried to sneak in a mammogram. Really. They do walk-ins. But it appeared it would take a bit too long, so we opted for a prescription pick-up instead.

Round 3 started late. Ruminating while waiting for rheumatology. Knee is looking good, with no swelling evident.

Results overall. Generally good, but eat more vegetables. (We do eat vegetables every day already. Apparently some folks only eat them once or twice a week.) And Ice, Ice, Ice! Even when all looks well. And a bit of heat after icing won’t hurt. (We can manage this by having me put my hands on Carl’s knees, followed by his hands on his knees.)

And out into the sunshine, or clouds.

One Response to “Doctors-Part 2”

  1. Margaret Grieve-Fent Says:

    How do they know that one needs more vegetables? Glad the results were good!

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