Go, Go, Go

Today we celebrated 3 months post 1st surgery. Three months is when the bone that was cut should have healed. Lifting restrictions are lifted.

This afternoon meant lunch out. I had salmon stuffed with crab. Carl had Ahi tuna. They were both quite good. All we needed for dinner was a salad.

He also gave me a nice card. Made me tear up. All systems GO.

After lunch we walked around the Bellevue City Park. It was a lovely afternoon.

A long time ago we went to this park expecting it to be Bellevue High School. This was in the days of Thomas Brothers map books. Ours was a few years old and the high school had moved, the building demolished and the beginnings of a park were evident. But there was no high school, and no baseball field with Carl’s team. I don’t remember how we eventually found the field. It probably involved a phone book at a phone booth to find the correct address for the school.

And Carl can work again. I think it will be a slow start, but he can pick up the kids. That was the big no-no until now.

2 Responses to “Go, Go, Go”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    So glad to hear about this milestone. Love the card! –Pooh

  2. margiegf Says:

    A very long three months, but now it’s on to more normal things! Loved the card–so heartfelt!

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