Dodging Raindrops

Northwest style. None of the tropical storm variety. Just summer changing to fall. We have managed to avoid getting soaked, even with outdoor activities interspersed with home based work.

Yesterday we missed Carl’s baseball team’s game in favor of his 6-year old charge’s soccer game. 4 on 4 with no goalies. It was a great set up for this age, lots of running with a little bit of skill thrown in here and there. No crying and no overwrought parents.

And no rain. That came later, while I was attempting to book us a few flights. One for fun, and another for a combination work and fun.

I started with the fun trip, slated for later this year. Carl has a credit burning a hole in his Delta account that expires if he doesn’t fly before the end of the year. This all stems from him trading 2 weeks in the hospital for a trip to Michigan. I started by messing up his security question answers and getting locked out of his account for 24 hours.

No worries, I just moved on to the work/fun trip for next year. As it happens I chose one way flight with Alaska and one way with Delta.

About 23 hours later I embarked back on the fun flight reservations. This time I couldn’t manage to get his credits to show. So I called, again. My problem this time was trying to apply credits from 2 one-way tickets to a round-trip ticket. She helped me book Carl’s flight, in FIRST CLASS! I going as well, but will be riding in steerage. (No credit for me). The bonus for talking with the nice lady in customer service, was that she explained the leftover credit could be used for flights booked before the end of the year, but you didn’t need to fly by then.

The already booked 2019 flight leapt into my mind. If you cancel within 24 hours of booking, there is no penalty, just a refund. I had about 50 minutes to spare. And cancelled the Delta flight. And then rebooked using one of Carl’s remaining leftover credits.

I think I am just about done with being a travel agent for now. Just a shuttle reservation remains.

To celebrate we headed out to the Greek Festival. A combination bus and walk to get to St. Demetrios. It was breezy and smelled like fall. Wet leaves.

Almost as soon as we entered the festival tents the heavens opened up.

We dined on gyros, souvlaki, spanakopita and Greek fries. And watched local dancers.

Finally time to go, and the rain stopped. We decided to try walking the entire way home.

I tried to take a picture of a squirrel eating an apple on a fence. He was too far away, and then went down behind the fence as we got closer. I thought I would be clever and quietly wait for him to reappear. He did, but scampered into the upper branches of the tree, causing a mini-rain shower to land on me. Squirrel 1, Jay 0.

There is a squirrel on the fence. Trust me

There were lots of pretty gardens along the way, both floral and vegetable.

And did, the uphill direction. Through campus.

It is probably one of the longest walks we have done in a while. We are both tired, but it’s a good tired. And we stayed dry (except for the squirrel shower).

Carl and the Washington Badger, er Husky

One Response to “Dodging Raindrops”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I avoided getting drenched but barely. There were certainly periods of torrential rain. I need to use some Alaska miles but don’t quite know how to do it, and they never have the best prices for NY. It’s the only time I miss Los Angeles. Everyone’s garden looks better than mine!

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