Last week’s workweek was odd.

Monday was not, Tuesday was almost normal. Wednesday I stayed until 8 PM, and then drove myself and a coworker to Olympia. Almost 80 miles. This was so we didn’t have a long drive in the morning, before our 8 AM class. Which lasted until 5 PM, followed by a drive back to Seattle. Friday seemed like it could be more normal, but again lasted until 8 PM.

Don’t worry, I only worked 4 hours on Saturday.

I am trying desperately to get financial information to our consultant, so he can prepare a chapter for me, before he becomes a new father.

It’s all good. Carl is taking good care of me.

And while we were in Olympia there were some sights worth seeing.

Pulp logs in the background

The state Capitol


There was also a small great blue heron fishing.

We saw two successful catches.

Friends visited over the weekend. Talk, and a little baseball. We ended with chicken tikka and a little naan. Satisfying.

Only worked until 6 tonight. So that’s an improvement. And carpooling as a rider. Hopefully I will manage some posts without carpooling. My partner in traffic is taking a 2 week vacation.

One Response to “Olympia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those are some very long days! Glad that Carl is taking good care of you. That must mean that he’s doing very well! I like Olympia–some great hikes, restaurants and brew pubs there.

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