Hazy Perspectives

We went to the Dodgers, I mean the Mariners, game last night. There were an impressive number of Dodger blue attired people in attendance. I almost think they may have accounted for more than 50 percent, and it was a packed house. Perhaps it was just that they persisted with the uninspired and unimaginative chant, “let’s go Dodgers.” This was answered by the equally bland, “let’s go Mariners,” to the point where it was hard to discern who I should be cheering for.

The Mariners put up a bit of a fight, but were tied at the end of the 9th inning. In the 10th, after not having scored since the 1st inning, with the bases loaded, they managed to pull off a walk-off. Balk. Not a walk, not a hit, but a shuffle of the feet balk. It was over in an instant.

Today’s game started slowly. The bottom of the first inning took 30 minutes, and the Dodgers scored 5 runs. We were not in our usual seats, so I checked out the different views.

Seattle Skyline

Space Needle

These next few shots were later in the game. It was quite breezy, and I noticed an interesting phenomenon.

Sounders flag blowing west, American flag blowing east.

Notice the difference in air quality from the first picture in the blog

The air quality got really bad last week. I am hoping this is not a repeat.

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