Our upstairs bathroom faucet started dripping about Easter. It was still possible to apply a bit of extra twist to stop the drops. Recently, however, the drops would continue to drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip … well you get the drip, er drift.

I finally had the moment of time, inclination and confidence to take on this repair. Really the first time, although I know we have had other drips and I assume they did not just stop on their own.

So I consulted our DIY book. This book was given to Carl, specifically not to me, several years ago when we had a local contractor redo some of the downstairs bathroom.

Carl ended up taking care of his daughter for a time, and then two kids of a family that lived across the street from the contractor. This has generally been how Carl’s business has been. Word of mouth from friends to their friends. All of these kids have graduated high school and are into their next endeavor.

The book is basic. Perfect for these types of projects. I ignored the book ownership issue and forged ahead.

I started with the cold water tap. It came out easily. I spent a short amount of time looking at the bits and pieces. It was clear that one was in need of replacement, and possibly two.

One trip to the hardware store. $1.74 later and home.

The kind Ace Hardware man agreed that the seat washer needed to be replaced, but said he thought the packing gland should continue, even if it looked a bit worse for wear.

Old vs New

The hot water tap didn’t come out quite as easily, so I am glad I chose the cold first. In the end they both were repaired and seem to be holding the water back. Just to be sure, the tools are not put away, yet.

All this, watering, one load of laundry and still time before leaving for a 3-year old’s birthday party at noon.

As Carl often says, “Three at last, three at last, three at last. Thank God almighty I’m three at last!”

One Response to “$1.74”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Funny, I also say, “Three at last,…Thank God, it’s three at last!”
    I say it soon after walking the kids to the buses at 2:40. –Pooh

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