I swear I can smell it, in addition to trying to peer through the haze. I have been told the particulant count is down, but the smoke is thicker.

Health advisories are out. We are approaching red levels = “unhealthy.” We can still go purple=”very unhealthy”, or even maroon =”hazardous”.

Approaching first pitch. It’s even less than clear looking across to home plate. It is raining ash.

I did walk at lunch, but sat most of the day at work, picking away at animations for a PowerPoint presentation. It is part of the big project. I had put together outline notes before Carl’s surgery. Slowly trying to catch up, still.

2 Responses to “Smokier”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m hating this smoke and now there’s ash falling? Yikes. Can we just get some RAIN??

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