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Saturday Night Lights

May 27, 2018

We went to the Mariners game tonight. But did not sit in our regular seats. We tried a different point of view for the evening. It was fun, especially after the very tall folks in front of us left, and I no longer had to sit on extra clothes to see.

The game went 12 innings. After 9 we returned to our normal seating area so we could snag a ride home.

They showed a between inning clip of “Who made the catch?” The clip shows a play where the ball goes into the crowd and they highlight 3 or 4 fans, and you guess who catches the ball. And one of the clips they used was Carl catching a home run. The regulars were all looking around trying to find Carl, and a few found him in the back row, rather than the front. It was fun. More so because the game winning home run was hit soon after.

The prior paragraphs were written largely on the way home from the game. Another day has come and gone.

Brief Sunday update.

Slept in.

Read the newspaper.

Weeded and watered.

Walked to and from the grocery store.

Made a dinner with yogurt marinated baked chicken in a wrap with a yogurt/cilantro/cucumber/tomato sauce. Pretty tasty.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a bit cooler, and we are heading back to the ballpark.