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Opening Day 2018

March 29, 2018

Normally a family holiday, I ended up working a half day. Meeting with folks in town for just one day. And it’s a night game (the better to enjoy the cool spring temperatures), so time to get home well before we had to leave.

We walked the 2 miles to light rail and rode down to the stadium. Yes, we were early. Early enough to be at the front of the lines to get in.

The bonus, and reason for the early arrival, is seeing many friends and fellow baseball enthusiasts. Carl got a lot of love from the workers.

And yours truly.

I should know better by now, but I think I am a few layers short of comfortable. I have borrowed a vest from my carpooler (also at the game), and a jersey from Carl. Both could leave back to their owners, but for now I am warm.

Carl got two balls in batting practice.

Not the only fez in the house.

Opening ceremonies. Felix warming up.

And a flyover.

Now on to the game.

Meanwhile, back at the house there is a marathon easter egg prep session underway. These are destined for a egg hunt in Portland.


Baseball is Everywhere

March 27, 2018

Kingdome’s birthday and demolition day was yesterday.

Getting ready for Opening Day.

In the meantime we continue to walk

and work. [Waiting at the park and ride for my carpooler, watching the latest apartment/condo take shape.]

And prepare the house for visitors.

A few years is the answer to the question of how long does it take to hang artwork that has just been hanging around.

Carl’s been busy prepping for Easter.

I don’t know how I feel about the food looking back at me.

A Tale of Two Weekends

March 17, 2018

I did not ride in a carpool this week. I did drive, but it is not safe to drive and blog.

Last weekend was sunny. Not really too warm, but sunny. Today was similar, but a little shorter on the sun.

The three weekend days all included walks. (Maybe tomorrow too, but that hasn’t happened yet.)

Spring has sprung, even if it hasn’t quite arrived.

The first walk had a goal – watching a 3-inning jamboree game featuring Garfield High School baseball. It was a 4 to 5 mile walk to Soundview field at Whitman Middle School. We were warm on arrival.

We introduced ourselves to parents in the bleachers, inquiring whether they had a child playing. Most did and returned the question to us. “Not this year, but 12 years ago,” was our answer. This year’s version is in better shape, based on our small sample of innings.

We were chilled to the bone after our time on the bleachers. Soundview may have the nice view, but it comes with the cool breeze.

Along the way we passed the first place we lived in Seattle. Hideo joined us in making the first floor of the house home. The house was fine, but we remembered why we avoided buying a house too far north in Seattle, no sidewalks.

The hated front yard holly tree is also gone. No bare feet when we lived there.

Based on Saturday’s experience, Sunday’s included an added layer. Our walk focused on the water, literally, but was a much warmer environment. We walked across the 520 floating bridge and back. A bit over 6 miles, and much more pleasant for walking than the I-90 bridge. This path is wide enough for two people to walk abreast and still have room for another pedestrian and a bicycle.

And there were plenty of both on the first really sunny weekend in a while.

View from the halfway point. (Pathway is on the right (north) side.)

Boats and planes that float.

There was also plenty of wildlife to observe. (Great blue heron and an immature bald eagle)

Do you think the eagle’s eyesight is better than the camera below?

Returning to the Seattle side we were just in time for the bridge to go up.

Funny story here. As we were coming up towards the bridge we could hear the bridge tender’s voice, “Please clear the bridge. I can’t raise the bridge until you clear the bridge.” We could then see there was a nun on the other side of the traffic lanes, on the bridge side of the pedestrian gate arm. Apparently she was crossing the bridge and had not quite made it to the crossing arm location when they were lowered. Being mindful of following rules, she was patiently stopped and waited at the barrier. I don’t think she knew or understood that the big voice was directed at her. As we arrived, a waiting bicyclist dismounted and crossed the road to guide her under the gate arm. She continued on her way and the bridge opened.

Today’s walk was focused on a minor errand and trying to shake the lingering time change blues. The chosen route was essentially to, around, and back from Green Lake. There was a crew race (races) underway. I am not sure of the level, but there were 4-man and 8-man boats. UW was participating, but also teams I didn’t recognize immediately as a college.

And in parting, farewell to Professor Hawking. Fittingly on Pi Day.

Face in the Darkness

March 6, 2018

I was going to identify the person on the tail of the Alaska Airline plane, but apparently there’s disagreement about who it actually is, or whether it is a specific person. My brief research indicates two choices are Amouak or Seveck as likely choices.

I am at the airport cell phone lot waiting for the boys to get their luggage. They did not fly Alaska.

Early morning visitor.

That’s a hummingbird bathing. Carl was out early this morning, but apparently not alone.

As Spring training trips go this sounded like a winner. Warm, but not hot. Seeing friends, planned and unplanned. Ballplayers young and old. And good batting practice (catching practice). An embarrassment of baseballs at 60 between the three amigos over 5 days.

And now there’s a rumor that Ichiro is going to sign with the Mariners again. It’s still almost a month until opening day, but in some ways it feels like the season has already started.