Opening Day 2018

Normally a family holiday, I ended up working a half day. Meeting with folks in town for just one day. And it’s a night game (the better to enjoy the cool spring temperatures), so time to get home well before we had to leave.

We walked the 2 miles to light rail and rode down to the stadium. Yes, we were early. Early enough to be at the front of the lines to get in.

The bonus, and reason for the early arrival, is seeing many friends and fellow baseball enthusiasts. Carl got a lot of love from the workers.

And yours truly.

I should know better by now, but I think I am a few layers short of comfortable. I have borrowed a vest from my carpooler (also at the game), and a jersey from Carl. Both could leave back to their owners, but for now I am warm.

Carl got two balls in batting practice.

Not the only fez in the house.

Opening ceremonies. Felix warming up.

And a flyover.

Now on to the game.

Meanwhile, back at the house there is a marathon easter egg prep session underway. These are destined for a egg hunt in Portland.


2 Responses to “Opening Day 2018”

  1. margiegf Says:

    What a fun time! I love all the happy faces. I am having issues with my layers too (either too few or too many) Now for the important part–did they win??

    • raincharm Says:

      Yes, although they had to worry us with Cleveland getting on base in the ninth with 2 players hit by pitch, stolen bases, … I was sure we were in for extra innings.

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