Temperatures Drop

And the flurries fly.

We did see some today, but none survived on the ground. So far.

We saw cars driving by with accumulation, so this is the type of event that varies widely around the area.

The temperature is going low enough that any precipitation is likely to be snow, and will likely be slippery. I do have to work tomorrow so am hoping that the snow is minimal where I must drive.

Most of the weekend has been not rainy and even sunny. We launched yesterday after the golden orb appeared and got in 4 miles. Then it stayed out long enough to trim the raspberry bushes. Today we walked about 4 miles, including a snow shower. The taxes are all but done (waiting for the final piece of paper to arrive) and am almost done with the full re-write of chapter 1. A pretty good weekend.

Maple Leaf reservoir, about the second highest spot in Seattle. (Well maybe the 3rd) The elevated reservoir in the background is dwarfed by the covered reservoir we are standing on. (The highest point in Seattle is called High Point.)

Chapter 1 of my big project has been in process for several months. I reviewed the first draft in November, sitting in various hospital rooms with Carl. When I finished that effort I had a list of 18 items I could not check from the bedside. Other priorities and projects intervened and I just finally found the right time to finish my November update. Truth be told there is still one paragraph and one figure to complete before I send it off.

I am currently imitating a cat by curling up in the sunny spot on our bed. It was an early morning call at 3:45 to take some friends to the airport.

One Response to “Temperatures Drop”

  1. Margaret Says:

    SO very cold! I just got back from Los Angeles, so I’m triple layered right now. 🙂

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