I see dear, but …

Or is it, I see deer butt?

Ahh yes, Seattle snow. And evidence of a backyard visitor. Apparently it was easier to traverse the area on the brick border. Apologies for the dark pictures, it was not quite sunrise.

We had the great pleasure of spending an evening with cousin Janet, in town for a conference. We tried a neighborhood vegan restaurant. I was distracted while perusing the menu, and finally selected the Big Burger.

It was very tasty, but not what I expected.

Burger (mushroom or bean based) topped with macaroni and cheese and frizzled onions. But the fries. I just didn’t expect a Red Robin portion at a vegan place. That shows that you should not make assumptions.

Having survived the first day of the snow on the roads, the forecast now calls for 4 more days of possible snow and continued cold. My goal for the weekend is to leave the car at home and rely on our feet and public transit to get around. It’s the last weekend of the Jim Henson exhibit at Mopop. [Think Muppets] I must see it, so the weekend will include a Seattle Center visit.

2 Responses to “I see dear, but …”

  1. margiegf Says:

    NO more snow! I have plans. I don’t want to be stuck in bad weather. The burger looks yummy. What restaurant is that?

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