Teddy at the Throttle

The title is from a 1917 silent movie by Max Sennet staring Gloria Swanson. That’s Teddy accompanying Ms. Swanson in the picture.

We saw this movie as part of an organ music show this afternoon. Donna was the musician. A delightful afternoon.

The program followed a 4+ mile walk, in cool sunshine. My weather app has been less than accurate in predicting precipitation lately. At least today it was wrong in our favor.

We walked a few roads not on our usual routes, including an alley or two. These two characters were on the way. I think we were somewhere between the tortoise and hare pace. [If we had walked home as well it would have likely been more tortoise, but friend Doug provided a ride.]

This is partly because we did a 5-mile walk yesterday. If two sunny days on a weekend persist we will run the risk of getting back into walking shape. I did rather ignore the yardwork that needs to be addressed. How long could it be until the next clear day at home?

One Response to “Teddy at the Throttle”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Yesterday it looked like it might rain, but never did. I thought rain was supposed to come in late. I’m not believing my weather app right now either!

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