Middle of the Week, sort of.

I was sure today was supposed to be dry. But, no. At least it’s a drizzle plus.

Carl called earlier and suggested we walk after work. I did a short walk at lunchtime and still hope to add some steps. It will be dark. And now wet, so we shall see.

This week has been fairly busy. On Monday work lasted until 7, if I recall correctly. Tuesday night included a show – Mamma Mia. What a fun show.

I was still humming tunes the next morning. Wednesday was just intense – trying to complete a write-up due on Monday by mid-wednesday. This was followed by a non-work meeting, and home by 7:30.

So today, if we don’t walk, I will have an evening at home.

One Response to “Middle of the Week, sort of.”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I just got around to seeing the movie and it was fun too. Catchy music! I didn’t think it was supposed to drizzle either. Luckily, I only walked to my mailbox and back. 🙂

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