Not for the entire day, but for long enough that we took a walk for fun after the shopping walk.

The garden is coming to life. I guess it appreciates incessant rain.

Seattlites were all drawn to the sunshine. Walking without a raincoat, what a dream.

One of many new projects in the area. Two small houses turning into 40 units. And the same few street spaces will have to cover all the units.

Seattle is not quite New York City where it’s more common to not own a vehicle. This is relatively close to a park and ride and not too far from the future light rail, but still, 0 parking spaces?

And the better guys won the Super Bowl. Of the commercials I saw, my favorite was the Vikings heading for the game, and then turning around when they found out the Vikings weren’t playing.

3 Responses to “SUN”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I liked the Mass Mutual one at the very beginning showing people helping people in many ways. It started with a motorcycle motorcade taking a boy who’d been bullied to school!

  2. jane Says:

    I liked the Eli Manning/ Odell Beckham dance commercial – cracked me up. But the Vikings were also funny.

    As for zero parking spots? Not a good plan, and the neighbors will surely suffer. That wouldn’t get approved in A2. That said, they continue to approve ugly, too tall buildings left and right.

  3. Margaret Says:

    It is crazy what they’re doing with building versus NO PARKING provided. As you noted, it’s not NYC and our mass transit is not so great. I loved the dance commercial, and the Alexa one. I must have missed a few because some of these I don’t remember. I liked the one with all the babies too!

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