That number has come up a few times this year. The oldest child reached that age, rather unimaginable. The temperature dipped that low a few days ago, brrrrr. And yesterday marked 30 years at my most recent job.

Does that mean I can stop listing pizza cook in 1976 on my resume?

In addition to the lovely certificate, suitable for framing, there is a gift certificate. 

And we’re back on the job in the morning. Focused on making it to 35.

Speaking of work. I wish we would have a bring your kids to work day again. I would have Carl bring Dean. Backhoe digger and big valve. He would love it. 

2 Responses to “ 30”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I taught for 37 years, and that was enough. I still loved the students and the staff, as well as the job. It was just the other negative *stuff* that comes along with it these days. I don’t miss all those different bell schedules! It has been cold lately, and my older girl is 31! Yikes.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Yes, if you ever need another resume, you can leave off pizza cook in 1976. Unless you’re applying for a job at a pizza place!

    Congratulations on the Big 3-0!

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