Nice to Nasty

Making costumes for Halloween in Seattle is always interesting, because you really need to think of the waterproof considerations. 2017 was the first Halloween since 2006 where it did not rain. And we had more trick-or-treaters than we have had in a while. Not an immense number, but enough to keep us entertained as we watched Game 6 of the World Series. And the kids were entertained when a spider hanging out below our porch light caught and then wrapped up a moth.


And it was an entertaining World Series. Kudos to Houston. Many may have felt that Game 7 was a bit of a let-down for excitement, but I am sure the Houston fans were happy for a game that was not quite so exciting.

And the next day (Thursday) the Seattle Sounders were playing to stay in the MSL playoffs. We did not attend, choosing to not tempt the weather gods, who did make the fans manage with a cold rain and temps in the 30s. Success against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Games today will determine their next opponent, although that game won’t occur for a few weeks. [Countries that are still in the World Cup hunt will have games in the interval. Not the USA however.]


And following that it snowed on Friday. Most of the day at work, although none stuck to the roads.20171103_081336

Saturday was equally cold, but there was a morning respite from precipitation. We took full advantage for a bundled up walk to and around Green Lake. (It was really a shopping trip, but that was only before the last of the five or so miles.) The Bubble Man was out at Green Lake on a pier. It was an absolutely lovely display.

My favorite for sereneness (I should make this a screen saver).20171104_114849

Bubble Man at work.20171104_114910

A slight breeze blew these directly towards us.

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2 Responses to “Nice to Nasty”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Amazing bubble photos! I was shocked that the snow stuck here yesterday, and quite unhappy.

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