Weekly Mish Mash

There were multiple blog posts started but not completed through the past week. Here is a compiled sampling. They may not make much sense.

You know you’re getting older when finding your roots becomes more difficult because you just can’t remember some of the stories told to you over the years. And you know what to bring to unplanned visits to the doctor’s office. (Reading material, food, coffee) But still have to make a second trip home for more.

Weather report early week. Not unusual for this time of year, just with some extremes. Today’s version is mixed with sun, rain and leaves. Individually, in pairs and all at one time.  

I put the garbage can out this morning, and wondered whether I should, or just hold it back by the house for another week. The can was only half full, and not very heavy. But I snuggled it up next to the big yard waste cart and headed off to work. Driving home I could see it was general garbage can mayhem around the neighborhood. 

At our house both the garbage can and yard waste cart were missing from the curb. Since it was very unlikely the yard waste cart would travel far I figured our neighbor had pulled them back to the side of the house. I was partially correct – the yard waste cart and garbage can lid were there, but no garbage can. I looked around the yard and street. No can. So I went inside to take care of my chores of the moment. When those were finished I left the house, and there was the wayward can, rolling in circles in the street. I have never figured out where it was hiding in the interim.

The challenge over the next few days was combining the Google map traffic information with the City Light powee outage map to plot a course through town with lighter traffic and working traffic signals. 

The whole weather bit was written a few days ago, but it might work for today as well, and so perhaps it was a good idea to put the garbage can out. 

As the week wound down we had assembled a grocery list. It was focused on items involved with thanksgiving dinner. So not immediate needs, but might be better to get them before the big rush. Since it was not raining and the list was not huge, we decided to walk the mile to the grocery store.  We took a slightly longer, but usually quieter route. A one block different choice. 

As we rounded the corner we could hear and see a man railing on about something and directing his ire at a small parked pickup truck. As we passed, on the other side of the street he succeeded in breaking a window out, I think with his arm. 

We continued, but did pull out the phone and dial 911. And kept walking. As our paths crossed another woman with a stroller said others had called too. We went one block further and Carl said it looked like the man was following us. So we turned the corner. And so did he. We headed for the busier street we had initially avoided, and picked up the pace, all the while giving information to 911. Instead of turning back towards our house we headed towards businesses, and with him still behind us entered a restaurant. We alerted the manager who locked the door as the man arrived and stood there looking in. 

He then proceeded north. We stayed for a bit, asking other arriving patrons about his potential whereabouts, and finally headed home. The police did stop by for a brief chat. We don’t know why the man focused on us. Was I perceived to be the woman he was yelling about, or he saw we made a call? It was dark and I think it was an irrational moment fueled by who knows what. 

And we still have to do our shopping. 

On the plus side we did try a new recipe, for us, last night. Roasted delicata squash with madras lentils and parmesan cheese. Tasty and the most difficult bit was cutting the squash in half. 

One Response to “Weekly Mish Mash”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That would be terrifying to be followed! I need to start carrying my pepper spray in my purse. Being retired means that I can get my garbage can in quickly before it blows away. I remember several times getting home from school to find the can rolling around in the street and the lid MIA. That recipe sounds delicious!

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