First Frost

The weather has been distinctly cooler this past week, in the 40s most mornings. This morning my first look out the window showed even cooler temperatures. 

Frost on the roofs. [Of course I don’t get such a clear view most mornings because it is still dark.]

We went out to dinner and a movie last night. We walked to the Seattle Center area, about 4-1/2 miles. Again the season is showing itself, we both wore outerwear  (sweater and jacket for me and a fleece vest for Carl). 

Instead of hitting up a restaurant we wandered into a grocery store and picked out a Greek salad and turkey pesto wrap to share. We wandered into the Center to a group of picnic tables next to the Center playground. The sounds of the kids playing was joined by the announcer and fans of the Roosevelt, our neighborhood school,  vs Rainier Beach football game at Memorial stadium. [Garfield, our kid’s alma mater,  vs Eastside Catholic was the second game scheduled for the evening. ]

It was comfortable at first, but as the warmth of walking wore off and the shadows lengthened, it got a bit chilly. 

With the dinner gone, we headed to the movie venue, MOPOP or Museum of Popular Culture, formerly known as the Experience Music Project. The museum hosts viewing of various movies in the Sky Church, known as Campout Cinemas. We saw the Wizard of Oz here a few years ago.

Tonight’s fare was the Dark Crystal, a 35-year old Jim Henson film.

People bring blankets, pillows and sleeping bags to put on the floor and get comfortable. Since we walked our comfort items were limited to a large couch pillow each. Good for the head, but not much for the body. Luckily, we were at the head of the line to get in and scored a seat on one of the few couches they provided. 

The movie was preceded by a talk by Cheryl Henson, daughter of Jim. If you zoom in the picture,  she is in the center. It also provides some scale for the size of the screen.

As usual, the Skeksie dinner scene was my favorite, but I saw more detail in the creatures of the world than I had noticed on our previous small screen  (probably 19-inch) viewings.

As we left, I captured a grainy view of the Space Needle, undergoing renovation. Scaffolding in the sky. 

Then off to the bus for a ride close to home. The work to improve vehicular connections between the Seattle Center and the South Lake Union area and I -5 has also made the pedestrian trek under Aurora much nicer. Bus system improvements, like a bus every 15 minutes even in the evening, also helps greatly. 

Walks to the Seattle Center are no longer hampered by how to get home. And on the reverse taking the bus to the Center for a show is pretty realistic, avoiding the whole parking issue.

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