Bob’s Day (and me)

I chose the following picture because it has Bob, but also two of my other favorite people. 

Bob is 90 today! Quite an accomplishment. 
In addition to Carl, Bob and I share a birthday. I hope his breakfast was as good as mine (served in bed).

I allowed myself to sleep in this morning after a night out on the town. We saw the Seattle Women’s Chorus Fired Up! show. They included a long set by the Northwest Girlchoir and backed up Isolde Fair on her To All the Little Girls song, inspired by Hillary Clinton. click here if you haven’t already heard this

This was actually our second night out this week. We saw Ragtime Wednesday night at the 5th Avenue theatre. Another inspiring performance that makes you realize how far we came, and wonder why we have to repeat so many lessons.

Last Sunday we joined several others to dedicate a bench to our friend Nick Gallo. It’s hard to believe he has been gone for 10 years. Carl and Nick played years of softball and coached little league together. 

The bench features typewriter keys to celebrate Nick’s work as a writer, a bat signed by and presented to him by his little league team, and a plaque with a family etching  (the rooster is for Gallo). The plaque’s shape is the Kingdome’s baseball field shape. 

That’s Ashlan’s signature on the bat.  The bench builder was also in attendance. He did quite a job.

In amoung all of these events were the Major League playoffs, featuring the Cubs, until Thursday night. I suffered that game alone because Carl squeezed in a trip to Eugene to watch Parker,  a sophomore play in his high schools final soccer game of the season. Parker is quite a player, on the varsity team already and scored 6 goals this season. 

My long term birthday wish, other than world peace, is to watch a Mariners game on my birthday. Today I will settle for lunch out at Ivar’s Salmon House. 

One Response to “Bob’s Day (and me)”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Quite the birthday spread! The bench is a beautiful memorial.

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