Walk for Fun

Saturday was my idea of a typical fall Seattle day. Some rain and cooler temperatures. We hung around the house doing chores and a bit of work. Sunday promised better weather and we launched mid-morning to see what was up around the neighborhood. 

Our initial destination was some stairs. The only difficulty was deciding which set of stairs to aim for. Due to its hilly nature, Seattle has many staircases with hundreds of steps. For today it was either a 400+/- set from Eastlake up to Capital Hill or 300+/- from the University District down to the lower university.  We chose the latter.

Last year there was an attempt to have bicycle stations added around the city, as many other cities have done. It failed. This effort has been replaced with 3 companies that have bicycle just hanging out around the city, available for use. (These have no helmets provided.) I finally ran across all three varieties together. 

Our walk wound past University Village towards Husky Stadium. There was a Saturday evening football game, and a tailgating straggler still  remained.

Other detritus too. 

More natural forest flora. 

We found Hercules in a sylvan glen.

And a Meany hiding off the beaten path. 

All in all, a pleasant 5 miles or so.

2 Responses to “Walk for Fun”

  1. margiegf Says:

    We didn’t get much rain here! I have been to those columns and have a photo of them somewhere. 🙂

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