Public Viewing 

Our neighborhood is now in constant flux. Since we the people voted to extend light rail from the University of Washington to Northgate our neighborhood has been deeply involved. First it was several years of working out the exact route. I spent many hours working on that effort, and in the end the route that would have taken 25 homes out of our neighborhood was rejected in favor of one that took out the grocery store. 

Now it is enduring continuous construction. First up is the light rail itself. Most of this is underground  (tunnels), but there are the stations and the cross-passages, and one small sinkhole. Second, and much more prevalent, are the new muli-family and mixed use buildings. 5 to 8 stories replacing 1 and 2 story buildings. (We lived in one of these for 6 months) We call certain areas the canyonlands. Any commercial structure less than 3 stories days are numbered. And many are built with little or no parking, even though the light rail is still 4 years away.

However, there appears to be one bonus. We found a walk-up x-ray machine on the sidewalk. I didn’t even realize it was a doctor’s office. 

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  1. margiegf Says:

    Constant construction is the price we pay for improvements to our transportation grid. Sadly, I have no patience with it these days. 🙂

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