Weekend Wandering Plus

Saturday was a busy day (and only 3 days ago, even though it seems much longer). First off was family work – bills, etc. Then we set off on foot for the Seattle Asian Art Museum. There was not a specific installation to see, but the lack of anything on the walls. They are getting ready for a major remodel, and all of the art has been removed. 

They had a taiko drumming group and lion dancers programmed, along with art activities. I was really hoping to hear the drums inside an empty building,  but all of the performances were outside. 

Even the camel had a good time. 

From the museum we headed down to a bus route and travelled to Wallingford for a wurst. 

After eating our fill and enjoying some music it was back on the bus for home.

Not content to call it a day, we both headed into my office for a few hours of work. And finally, there must be baseball, so we went to watch Carl’s baseball team from last year play a game. [I was able to fit a few hours at work in because the baseball game was held at one of the 3 high schools by the office. ]

Sunday was busy, but all at work. By myself. It was necessary because I had a presentation for our Monday board meeting that was not complete. I streamed some music and buckled down for a day similar to a regular work day, but without interruptions. Until I got home where work continued in a different vein. 

Wayne Drop had accompanied me home. He’s big and blue and friendly, but lacks appropriate outer wear for traveling to and from his engagements.

 I had a king-size sheet to work with, but no clear path beyond. So the evening was spent trying, tucking, pinning  (actually binder clipping) until I had a plan. 

Monday was back to the grind, including said Board meeting, that lasted until past 6:30. From there to a fabric store for Velcro and cord. And home to sew.

Pulled out the trusty 60+year old Singer Featherweight and set to creating what was essentially a cylinder with an open top. [Carl assisted with the bottom circle by holding the middle point while I drew the circle  (pin, 18 inches of string and a white fabric pencil)]

This work went on until about 1:30 am, but it’s done. [Deadline was Friday am, but the Mariners are back in town, and out of the playoffs barring a miracle finish.]


2 Responses to “Weekend Wandering Plus”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I like Wayne Drop’s wayne coat! (and the sewing machine, too.)
    I plan to make a large storage bag for Mark’s new sleeping bag.

  2. margiegf Says:

    That is a beautiful sewing machine, from someone who hates to sew. 🙂 I need to get back to Seattle for some of those museums. Is the Seattle Asian Museum also called something else? Wing luke? I haven’t been there since college, so forgive my ignorance!

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