As the Seasons Turn

School has started once again.  Our kids have long since graduated,  but the impacts are still felt. For me, it is traffic related. Not as many on vacation means more going to work. And they changed the starting times for schools near our office so figuring out the impact on the last mile continues. [There are 3 high schools, 2 middle schools, and an elementary school within a mile and on the same road as our office.]

Carl’s impact is more direct. One of his kids start kindergarten today. I think he is picking her up after school, and still has her younger brother.

On the baseball front, it’s up in the air whether the Mariners will make it to a Play-on game, much less the Playoffs. But we keep going.

Yesterday we walked to the stadium and sat in foul territory for a change. Right behind home plate.

It was a nice change. Carl got to chat with one peanut vendor who keeps the memory of a legendary Seattle peanut vendor alive.

And we’re on to work. 

2 Responses to “As the Seasons Turn”

  1. margiegf Says:

    Being retired is weird too because I have to avoid school start times and school buses if I want to go anywhere. 🙂 A small price to pay!

    • raincharm Says:

      After a summer of waking up before my alarm, I now want to hit the snooze button again and again. No alarms is the one piece of retirement I can visualize.

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