True to my plan I got out to do some weeding this morning. I had set a relatively attainable goal, focused solely on the planting beds around the back yard. Some of the weeds in this area are head height, coming through the fence from our backyard neighbors’ wild space. Especially blackberry vines. Before I trimmed one of the vines I happened to look at the back of the leaf. I never realized how spiny they are.

I can’t weed all day, so we went for a walk. To match the time available and change things up we started with two bus rides. We crossed the double-helix bridge to the waterfront and walked about 4 miles to Safeco Field. 

Carl had a ticket to the game, but I didn’t. So on to the link light rail for a transit ride home. 

And since then I have been having some down time. 

Anyone that reads this blog regularly knows that Carl goes to a lot of Mariner games. And he knows a lot of the workers. One of the regular seat hosts  (not ushers) is also a bit of an artist. He made this caricature for Carl.

One Response to “Weeds”

  1. margiegf Says:

    That is a great caricature! I’m impressed. I should do some weeding, but am at that stage of the summer when I’m not sure I care. 🙂

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