Some Days

And sometimes 2 days.

Excitement comes in all forms.

Budget meetings, broken windows, flights that aren’t on the day you think they are, and sirens in the middle of the night.  I have been involved in all of these, but was only the primary player in one.

The budget meeting was a preliminary before the real one with the big boss. I am over budget on several categories for 2017, but this is not a cause for concern. The concern is that I don’t have a plan for 2018 classes and conferences. 

Then there was the call telling me that after a delightful walk in the woods with Dean, they returned to find a window in the car broken and a backpack stolen. I hope they enjoy the markers and art supplies. Losing the backpack is the bigger drag, although I found a slightly used replacement at the back of the closet. (I am guessing it was Ashlan’s based on the Bank of Montreal deposit slip tucked in a pocket.)

And this means a trip to a window replacement place on Friday morning. Really just an annoyance, but some hours away from more productive fun.

Finally home I attempted to get Carl’s boarding pass printed for his imminent trip to Tennessee. Apparently it’s not as imminent as I thought. Which explains why I could not get it to go to the boarding pass step. What’s a day amoung friends. [I wonder what day Rey thinks he’s arriving.] And at least it’s a day later and not earlier. Our wee hours of the morning wake-up call will have to wait another day. 

That error in dates is even more important now as it appears that we have other engagements at the wee hour wake-up time. We are currently housed in ED10, waiting for test results.

The evening was ending almost normally. Carl was not feeling well. We both thought the call to the consulting nurse would result in a recommendation to visit urgent care. But, no. They suggested 911. [Chest pains.] And so we soon had a fire truck, medic unit and ambulance flashing their lights in front of our house. I asked whether I could drive Carl to the hospital, but they said I didn’t have the right kind of license. 

I did drive in my own car, but don’t call me an ambulance chaser. So we sit in Cherry Hill. A new hospital for us. Add it to the list.

Turns out Carl is just full of s**t. Or was.

2 Responses to “Some Days”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Our recent experience at War Memorial Hospital shows that chest pains will get you to the head of the ER line. Fortunately, we were not that serious. But…. glad I had my knitting.

    Glad to hear that Carl was found to be okay.

  2. margiegf Says:

    They take chest pains very seriously, as I know from my ambulance trip to the ER in June. Even when it’s an anxiety attack. Glad he is OK.

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