Dinos and Daisies 

We started the weekend with a walk to visit the Tufts-Love t-rex. The Burke Museum folks are in the process of removing the plaster jacket that accompanied the skull from northeast Montana. [The name is from the two field folk that discovered the skull.] 

If you enlarge the picture above you can read the note. The tooth it references is just above the horizontal bar, about mid-picture, in a shadow)

To help manage the two ton piece, they built a rotisserie of sorts. (With workers on either side I can hear the discussions, “No, this way more…”)

A really interesting find, and they are still working in the field to recover more bits and pieces. 

We then headed west, walking, to replace my worn out walking shoes. This has been on my to do list for several weeks. I guess that just means I stretched the life of the prior pair, delayed spending, and most importantly provided a reason to keep walking for a few more days on a nice day. 


I saw Rainier!

It had been weeks of “sunny” days with no views. Now if the normal clouds can stay away for next Monday. 

We did not attend the weekend Mariner games. I sold our tickets to a co-worker. She went Saturday and her parents went Sunday. This was the weekend they retired Edgar Martinez number,  so it was special. And on Monday she showed up with this.

Mind you I sold them the tickets. 

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