Up, down, up, and around 

Friday last I was feeling pretty optimistic as I was closing in on finishing one major piece of my Big Project. And then, about 4, I was checking results and found things that didn’t add up. At least I was able to identify the source of the problem and a path towards correction. [For any data geeks in the crowd this stemmed from not populating some null values with zeros. Comparisons with null yield different results than comparison with zero. ]

So I took my notes home and, after an early morning outing, settled in to correct my nulls and repeat several steps. Luckily, the repeated steps queries had already been created. At the end of Saturday I was almost back to the end of Friday. And I found another problem. Again I charted a course to be followed in the morning. Sunday dawned, and I warmed up the laptop for another go. Once again I reached the end of Friday. 

Then two words appeared in my consciousness,  “Town Center. ” [This is an area that has its own separate growth pattern. About a month or two ago I had worked through that area, so had the information,  but it needed to be added (literally) into the bigger picture. 

So Monday, I went to work, closed my door, and worked on pre-application meeting work instead. [The meetings were fast approaching,  and they had to go out the door. ]

I did get back to the TC by the end of Monday, and it greeted me Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon  I was ready to declare my task ready for dissemination. 

The next two days were spent trying to catch up with everything I had been ignoring. 

Now you can wake up. Although I do like figuring out how to wrangle large data files.

And yesterday a friend from Montana blew into town. So that led to a fun evening catching up. 

And the smoky haze is supposed to dissipate today. 

Can you see Mt. Rainier?

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