Dad’s Day

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

His 90TH birthday!

I think that is really saying something.
(But don’t say that to his brother. Louis shares a birthday with Dad, and is turning 97.)

Master of his domain (a few years ago)


And this was a lovely way to spend the afternoon (before the chair and its inhabitant tipped over).

8-3-2014 (10)

And because they are a team. Bubs and Harry.

harry-and-bubs-1954 (2)


I can’t be with Dad today, but wish him a very Happy Birthday – and many, many more.


2 Responses to “Dad’s Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your dad looks great and happy birthday to him! My dad will be 89 at the end of September, if he makes it(as he is fond of saying).

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