Planning for the Eclipse 

I think Seattle is going to be in the 90% of totality during the eclipse later this month. Carl and I briefly talked about heading south to the band of totality in Oregon. The discussion didn’t get very far. 

Enter Rey.

Rey and Carl had been scheming previously around a Braves vs Mariners series in Atlanta. Rey is now just a few hours from Sun Trust Park, the new Braves stadium.

And it happens that Chattanooga,  Rey’s new home, is just minutes from the band of totality. 

Travel plans came first, but they were quickly followed by eclipse planning. Primarily finding glasses for viewing said eclipse. The initial on-line search was disheartening, with sold-out all over the screen. I’m not sure how I searched differently, but some stores popped up with inventory. 

Success! With the all important I SO 12312-2 rating.

I bought a handful of the fine paper variety and one upgrade to plastic frames. My thought was that Carl could use them as a second pair of sunglasses. 

Thoughts are good. Reality is sometimes different. You can not see anything through these glasses. They could function as a blindfold. 

Except, of course, the eclipse. 

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