Immersed in Infinity Mirrors 

We’d scored tickets to the Kusama exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum on Wednesday, and spent a few hours wandering amoung Kusama’s art. It was a departure from our normal art exhibition visits and well worth the traffic we had to endure to get there.

There were five or six rooms to visit. Except for the interactive room and the face sized windows, they were limited time visits, with the longest time allowed at 30 seconds. I think that is so you have time to be immersed and look around a bit, but not enough time to start to look at how the pieces are put together. [Strictly my idea, I did not read that anywhere, but the docents did say it was the artist who set the times. ] The number of people in a room at one time was 2 or 3 maximum. 

Dots of love was Carl’s favorite. Reminded him of Gertie balls. 

From my colonoscopy?

The interactive dot room.

The last was my favorite. 

You could revisit the rooms as many times as you went through the line. I repeated this room and was allowed in all by myself. Amazing. 

2 Responses to “Immersed in Infinity Mirrors ”

  1. margiegf Says:

    It looks like an awesome visual experience!

  2. jane Says:

    That last one might be my favorite as well!

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